01 February 2016

Joining the Legal Atlas team

Law is everywhere, whether you like it or not. Conservation issues are not an exception: to protect wildlife there are many possible ways…law is an unavoidable one.

Yet, law is complicated, sometimes tedious, and for many people, a burden rather than a solution.

Maria Pascual and Jim Wingard have understood that law does not need to be complicated and they founded Legal Atlas with a vision: that legislation may be perceived in a different, uncomplicated manner.

And this is how the Legal Intelligence Platform was born. Still being developed, the platform is meant to change the way we access and understand law.

As you will see in the link below, the Platform has started, among others, with wildlife trade legislation. There is some great amount of work behind, researching and analysing international, regional and national legislation around the world to be able to present it in an easy, quick and comprehensive way.


It is with great enthusiasm that I join the team of researchers that will be working to build in the data for the Platform.

While I will continue writing posts and updating Twitter and Facebook (which will remain my own opinion and I will take full responsibility for them), the majority of my time will be now devoted to Legal Atlas…and happily so.

More about Legal Atlas soon!

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