02 February 2016

Upcoming Event in Brussels: European Union Action to Fight Environmental Crime (EFFACE) Final Conference

The EFFACE project, funded by the EU 7th Research Framework Programme (or FP7 as we all know it), is a 40-month project where eleven European research institutions and think tanks have gathered efforts to assess the impacts of environmental crime in the EU and propose policy options for combatting it from an interdisciplinary perspective.

It focuses on subjects such as illegal shipment of waste, illegal fishing, industrial spill accidents, and of course, illegal wildlife trade.

The consortium has also organised several events with stakeholders and has created a complete Action Guide, a very helpful data base with information about the different subjects covered by the project.

All the information is available on their comprehensive website:

On 17-18 February the consortium will organise a last event to discuss the Priorities and Opportunities for further EU Action. 

The programme is only available if you actively show interest. At that moment a personal invitation will be sent to you with the agenda. It is not really clear for me why this is done like that: a public programme could attract a bigger audience…but anyway, there will be a review of the project and parallel working groups looking at 1) wildlife trafficking (included illegal logging and illegal fishing), 2) mining and corporate pollution crimes and 3) waste. And Ludwig Krämer will deliver the keynote speech. The second day will be devoted to the recommendations of the project, the role of NGOs and the political opportunities for further action.

Considering that the European Commission has announced the launch of the new EU Action Plan to combat wildlife trafficking on March 3rd, I bet the Commission staff are going to have a challenging time integrating the recommendations that they consider useful and adopting the document internally :-)). Courage!!

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