02 May 2014

7 billion opinions on Nature

There is a project developed by the GoodPlanet Foundation in 2003 which all human beings inhabiting this planet should be able to look at and participate. It just shows how different we are, but also how close we remain in a way...

The team went all around the world asking the same questions about their fears, dreams, struggles to different people: a Chinese shopkeeper, a French doctor, and Afghan farmer..

This posts focuses in one of the questions formulated.

ONE QUESTION: What is nature?

7 BILLION ANSWERS POSSIBLE, one for each person living here

30 PEOPLE give an answer in the video below...from the US to China passing by Australia, Mali, Russia, Bolivia, France, Madagascar and Algeria among others.

For some Nature is just beautiful, food, water, air....something that we need.

For just a couple it is just there, it goes through cycles, we have nothing to do with it and they do not care much.

For many it is a Mother that we destroy, disrespect and abuse.

I prefer to quote the opinion of the aboriginal Maori lady: "You are Nature. Nature is you"

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